Venture Pal Ultralight Backpack Review

Venture Pal Ultralight Backpack Review

Pockets are a great place to secure wallet and keys, but if you are bringing more than that, then you might need something that can carry your valuables – a backpack.

Backpacks enable you to bring important things with you with convenience. It will allow you to wander with your arms free to move.

Most knapsacks are designed with several compartment pockets to keep your items organized. Additionally, travel bags will keep your valuables safe from natural elements.

Verily, backpacks have several benefits for us, and the travelers will benefit the most. If you consider yourself as an explorer, itinerant, or an amateur backpacker, then you understand how essential ultralight backpacks are.

Roomy lightweight bags have always been very practical and beneficial compared to regular knapsacks.

Standard bags are roomy and sturdy, which is a good thing. However, they are bulky and, often, the bag itself is actually heavy.

That’s the reason why you will fall in love with lightweight backpacks. Ultralight bags are mainly tailored from thin, yet durable materials.

Introducing the Venture Pal Ultralight Backpack, a foldable backpack that you can rely on for different types of adventures: be it hiking, cycling, trekking, camping, or just a simple weekend out.


Venture Pal is a famous brand that has been popular for producing top quality backpacks for several years. They have become one of the favorite brands when it comes to bags and travel gears because of the amazing features their items have.

In fact, the Ultralight Backpack boasts great qualities that you might just need.

  • The Venture Pal Ultralight Backpack is durable. It is made from top-quality materials that are tear and water resistant for longevity.
  • Lightweight, the bag is made from light, yet sturdy
  • The two-way zippers of this backpack are for heavy duty; it is made from metal for an easier
  • The bag has bar-tacks at common stress points that provide extra toughness of the bag. These bar-tacks are also essential for better support and more comfortable
  • It is comfortable. The shoulder straps are made from breathable mesh with reliable padding that can help relieve stress in the shoulder.
  • Adjustable straps will allow you to change the tension of the bag for the better
  • Reliable suspension system; the bag has chest strap with a whistle buckle.
  • The Venture Pal Ultralight Backpack has several compartments to secure your valuables, segregate your items and keep all things organized.
  • This ultralight backpack has a space that can accommodate 35L; the bag has one main compartment, two zipped pockets on the front, and another two pockets on the sides.
  • Compact, you can fold this backpack when not in use to save space.
  • The bag is available in six different colors: black, green, light blue, navy, orange, and red. It is also available in two sizes: 25L and 35L.
  • This backpack is inexpensive; perfect for budget shoppers.


  • It is available in different colors. You can pick the color of the bag you want.
  • An excellent suspension system that will help you support your back and perhaps help you maintain healthy posture.
  • The whistle buckle is a very brilliant feature that is usable for emergencies when in camp or in the wilderness.
  • Lightweight and roomy, this bag weighs 0.7lbs. only and can fit 35L loads.
  • This bag is foldable. When the bag is not in use, just fold it and store it anywhere.
  • The compartments are excellent at keeping your things arranged.
  • The main compartments will allow you to segregate your items.
  • The mesh material and padding on the back panel and shoulder strap of the bag give excellent support to the back, which is ideal especially when carrying the bag for a long time.
  • A cost-effective backpack that has a reasonable amount of features.
  • Water resistant material that will protect your valuables even in rainy seasons.


  • Because of being lightweight, the bag does somehow look snag, shallow, and awkward.
  • A stretchable bungee on the outside of the bag could have been implied for extra external storage.
  • The bag has a small light reflector for cyclists who bike at night. It could have been made slightly larger.


The Venture Pal Ultralight Backpack is a great daypack bag and is recommendable for anyone looking for a lightweight, durable, and compact knapsack. The features of this backpack are pretty basic (other bags have them too).

But it is not just about the features, but how reliable the features are. Venture Pal has proven that the bag is reliable and long-lasting. The materials used are of high quality.

This backpack is also ideal for budget travelers who want a cost-effective travel bag that can be used for different kind of adventures. Some demerits of this bag are tolerable.


You can buy The North Face Borealis Backpack, a small travel bag that can be used by both men and women. The Borealis bag is compact, and has a simple design.

It is available in 20 different colors and styles. The bag is made from high-quality Nylon that promises extra pack of durability and longevity.

Also, the bag has Flex Vent™ injection-molded shoulder straps for better support. The padded air mesh, spine channel, and the PE sheet made the bag even more comfortable and easy to carry.

The main compartment has a laptop and tablet sleeve that will handle your gadget securely and with care. The price though is pretty high, but it is truly worth it!


If you are still wondering whether you buy the Venture Pal Ultralight Backpack, the answer is, absolutely. The bag is lightweight, compact, roomy, durable, and affordable. You can fit several essentials in it.

However, if you feel the bag is way too large for your need, then you can just go with smaller backpacks such as The North Face Borealis. You can also buy convertible bags (the backpacks that you can turn into a crossbody bag, sling bag, or a shoulder bag).

Whatever your choice may be, as long as the bag can carry a load of your necessities and it fits well into your budget, then that should be perfect for you.

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