SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900- eBags Exclusive

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900- eBags Exclusive

The SwissGear Company has been known for creating extremely high-quality items, but they can be quite expensive. You will know when something has this logo on, that it is made from very high-quality materials and it is very durable, but with this bag, they have taken it one step further to ensure that they have quality products. The main focus point of the bag is the security that it provides the user and this is really important

The bag has been stylishly designed for business use, like most of their products. We do not recommend using the bag in the wilderness, but it will do fine for traveling and for day to day errands. Some people have even decided to use the bag for day trips and keeping their entire valuable items safe in the process and we believe that it can be one of the best and safest travel bags on the market

Features to take note of

The bag has been designed to be really compact and to fit into most storage compartments when you are traveling. The bag also has its very own 17-inch laptop sleeve which should be sufficient for most portable laptops and a great addition to the working person who likes to work online and from remote locations.

The main advantage the bag has over its competitors is the multiple zipper areas which can be fitted with your very own locks. This will provide safety for your valuables and even the front zipper pocket can be used for storing important smaller files like passports.

The bag also features a larger side pocket to keep your water bottle in if you decide to explore the town and the straps have also been padded to ensure that you have a comfortable and abrasion-free hiking experience.

The main storage area is quite large and everything has been compartmentalized to ensure that you are completely organized. The bag can also open completely to make the packing process easier and, with the durable material used in the construction, you will be able to stuff the bag until it cannot take any more thus making it great for shorter vacations and weekend breakaways.

Furthermore, the interior padding will not only provide impact protection for your laptop but also for most of your other valuable items.  However, we do not recommend throwing or dropping the bag with valuables inside as the padding is there for accidents that may occur.

On the downside, the bag is not waterproof and it will not be great for a hike in the wilderness. You can easily purchase an additional waterproof poncho for the bag when you need to walk in the countryside as this will keep any water from damaging your belongings.


The bag is compact and generally spacious with multiple pockets for storing all of your valuables. This will be one of the main pros and benefits you will receive from this bag, but we also need to mention the security quality and protection that the bag will offer users. You will be able to lock down every pocket and a pickpocket will not be able to get inside. Even the back pockets can be locked down to ensure safety.

Furthermore, the backpack can easily be placed into most storage areas on the train or on the plane. This will allow you to save a few bucks when it comes to keeping your storage weight down and we recommend putting your valuable possessions inside the bag for safe keeping.


The bag is available in multiple colors, but blacks seem to be the dominating shade in all of them so you might not have as much versatility in terms of style and customizing the look of this bag.  Another huge drawback to the bag is the fact that it is not waterproof although this can be remedied by using the poncho.

This disadvantage might not be important to some but most people like to go on hiking routes and wilderness adventures when they visit the outdoors. This might not be the best decision when it comes to utilizing this bag and keeping everything such as a cell phone or other electronics safe inside.

Final Thoughts

This bag is definitely recommended for use by traveling business people and the laptop storage compartment will be a huge draw. If security is one of your concerns, this backpack should also help to put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy more of your holiday.  The SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack will also be great for day to day use in the city.

We would definitely encourage anyone to buy the bag as it will make life much easier and ensure that you have the adequate storage space required for traveling safely and keeping your entire collection of valuables close by. The price might be expensive, but this will be a lifelong investment.

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