Osprey Women’s Aura 65 AG Backpack Review

Osprey Women’s Aura 65 AG Backpack Review

Available in two colors, this backpack has been specifically designed for women that love to travel but the backpack is not only made for travel but hiking as well. This makes the backpack great for multifunctional use on your travels but it might be too big for day to day use.

The backpack is quite affordable when you take into account the enormity and the size of it. It will allow women to pack most of their things inside and thus there will not be any need for an additional bag. This will also allow you to save a few bucks while traveling and the light weighted frame should be great for trimming of those extra pounds that airports like to charge for.

The bag is only available in green and silver but both of these colors should match any style that you choose to go with and we like to recommend the stylish green to ensure that you have something different from everybody else.

The Osprey Company is also known for their quality outdoor backpacks and they have incorporated some of their durable materials and features to bring you this quality backpack for your travel purposes.

Key features to look for in this bag

The bag is been constructed in the USA and when you look at the entire design it takes into account the build of a woman. This means that you will be able to easily carry the bag around and not worry about the bag being oversized on the sides and prevent you from having full maneuverability.

The added hip belt will also take off some of the stress that is placed on the shoulders and, when you take into account that the bag’s shoulders have been padded to ensure a comfortable carry, you will be able to walk for longer periods of time before fatigue sets in.

The bag also features multiple storage pockets but none of them are at the back. This is wonderful for discouraging pickpockets and ensuring that you have a stress free time exploring any new city or town.

At the back, you will also notice added loopholes and these can be used for adding a portable solar panel. Once this has been added, it will become the ultimate travel bag and will ensure that all your mobile devices are fully charged.

All of the zipper pockets on the bag are fully waterproof and you could carry your digital items on the inside when traveling but the bag might not be small enough for using it as a handbag.  It will definitely not fit into the storage compartments on trains and planes.

Finally, the backpack has been constructed from durable nylon materials and this will ensure that the bag does not rip or tear when walking in the countryside or woodland. The bag is stretchable and you will also be able to add many more items than in regular travel bags.


We really like the fact that it has been designed according to the natural shape of women and this will be great for them when carrying the bag for longer distances. When you add the fact that it has been fitted with padded strapping and a hip belt, any man will be happy to hear that they will no longer have to carry their wife’s backpack when she gets tired!

The bag is also fully waterproof and we believe that this will allow more multipurpose use and shift the focus from traveling to hiking as well. Any woman who loves backpacking should make this investment and this bag would also make a great gift.


The bag is not suitable to pass as hand luggage and the additional portable solar panels can be quite expensive but, if this is not a concern to you, we are happy to say that we cannot find any other relevant cons to discourage you from buying this bag.

We have already mentioned that the price is expensive, but we see this as a lifetime purchase that will make life much easier and versatile for you as a woman traveler.

Final Thoughts

We highly encourage any female outdoor enthusiast to invest in this bag. Not only is the bag great for traveling, but it will make the outdoor trekking experience much more fun and make heavier loads much easier to carry for longer distances.

We would like to encourage any women to let us know about your experience when it comes to your own personalized outdoor bag and if it is a pleasure to carry around all of your personal gear on your next hiking trip. We would also like to hear from experienced women travelers how they feel about using a larger more versatile travel bag such as this one.

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