Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack Review

Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack Review

Featuring a much slimmer design, this unisex Osprey’s travel backpack is great for all-round use on your travels and for day to day errands. The bag is complete with multiple pockets, but the design could perhaps be its biggest draw.

When we look at a travel backpack, we search for quality and the means of having a bag with a lot of storage but still compact enough to save a few bucks on weight limits at the airport and this bag perfectly meets those needs.

The Osprey Company has been known for designing high-quality outdoor backpacks for multifunctional use but with this backpack they have upgraded the material and the shape to be more stylish. When you look at the bag it is attractive and it also appears small enough to carry along anywhere in the world but unfortunately it is not fully waterproof and only water resistant.

The bag is also available in two sizes of which each will be unique and different. The bag is really compact in all of these sizes and even the medium/large size will still be small enough to fit into most storage compartments and with one of the main focuses being on security, this bag will be great for storing your most valuable travel items.

Key features to take note of

Aside from being small and compact, the design is also slimmer than most other current travel backpacks and this not only makes the bag much more comfortable to carry around but it also helps with the security of the bag and we believe that no one will be able to tamper without the owner being fully aware of it.

If you want to be overly-cautious, you will also be able to add multiple small locks to the zippers and the added loops to ensure your safety and we recommend looking for TSA recognized locks as they have been proven to be the most secure on travels and pickpockets will have a tough time trying to break them open.

The bag features multiple pockets on the outside which will be great for storing smaller items and water bottles but on the inside you will have the most space and the whole of this interior has been carefully compartmentalized to allow you to be more organized on your travels.  It even opens like a normal suitcase making it very easy to pack.

Women might not even find it necessary to carry a handbag with them once they have purchased this bag plus it is also recommended that you take a backpack as it is much safer than a handbag.

If you tilt the bag sideways, it can be carried via the handle to help spread the weight more evenly and the added hip belt will ensure that you can carry the bag for longer distances and prolonged periods of time before tiredness takes over. The added padding to the straps will also minimize discomfort and some have even claimed that the bag is abrasion resistant.


We have already mentioned that the biggest attraction of this bag is the slim design but it is also worth noting that it is available in multiple colors to meet the needs and style of almost anyone. The bag is useful as a substitute for a large handbag and the unisex design and attractive colors makes it completely acceptable for either a man or woman to carry around.

The added padding to the shoulder straps and the hip belt will be great additions for walking longer distances without having to worry about abrasions and fatigue setting in, thus making it one of the most beloved travel bags and most affordable as well when we look at price versus storage ratio.

Furthermore, the security on this bag is superb and no one will be able to tamper with the locks or pockets without your consent and if you want to go a step farther, a TSA recognized lock will take all of that paranoia away.


The bag is packed full of the most useful of features but it is not waterproof. The design does help make it a little water resistant, but this is not enough for a full-blown weather storm and we do not recommend this bag for hiking in uncertain weather conditions.

The bag does not have a lot of outside pockets and even though this can be good for security reasons, it will limit your storage when you are not traveling and using the bag for day to day purposes.  However, when it comes to the safety of your valuables, this bag is number one.

Final Thoughts

The Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack is highly recommended for travel and will be great for saving a few dollars at the airport and keeping your personal possessions close by. We definitely think that it is really affordable and will be great to use abroad but it is not made for hiking outdoors in weather storms as that could result in a situation you had not expected!

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