Deuter ACT Lite 65+10 Backpack Review

Deuter ACT Lite 65+10 Backpack Review

Not much can really compare to this bag when it comes to multifunctional use and the ability to store your items. The bag is large and this can be great for maximizing your storage space but it will not work as hand luggage.  To combat this problem, also included is an additional smaller bag which can be used as hand luggage. It is also worth noting that the size of the bag will make it an excellent substitute for your current travel suitcase.

When we plan our trips to various locations, we always try to include a few sightseeing locations and hiking routes to explore the general area.  Some people simply like to explore the town and buy a few memorable items to take home but you will need somewhere to store those items or return to the hotel numerous times. This bag will make exploring and hiking much easier, more time-efficient and pleasant.

When we see a larger travel backpack, one of the first things that comes to mind is the weight and how this will impact us negatively, therefore the developers have made this bag lightweight and it only weight 4 pounds when it is empty and this includes the additional smaller bag, thus making it very easy to carry and its lightness helps to reduce fatigue.

Key features to take note of

The bag has very little weight as we have already mentioned yet the main section is 60 liters in size and the smaller hand luggage bag is 10 liters. Both of these bags have been designed with compartments to make the packing process easier and to ensure that even super-minimalists are able to maximize every inch of space.

For hiking purposes, the bag is very comfortable and it features a unique space for adding your very own hydration system. The added layer of material over the top of the bag will make it waterproof and you will notice that the rain simply slides off past the opening – all these features adding to its waterproof design.

To further enhance the comfort provided to hikers, the bag also has been fitted with added pads in the shoulder straps to make it more abrasion and sore resistant therefore making the bag more comfortable.  The added hip belt will help reduce the strain on the shoulders and thus allow you to carry the bag for longer periods of time before tiredness gets its grip.

The inside of the bag has been fully compartmentalized to allow you more storage space and the opportunity to be more organized when traveling. Even an average sized portable laptop will easily fit inside and with the added advantage of waterproof material, you can be sure that it is fully protected from unforeseen weather storms.

The only ‘downside’ is the flashy colors that it comes in and you can be sure that they will make you stand out but with no pockets at the back of the backpack, pickpockets will have a hard time trying to get your valuables.


The bag is extremely light for its size and the storage space it offers and the moldable material will allow you to store sharp-pointed objects inside and withstand outside scuffs, thus ensuring that the bag never tears or rips apart.

The abrasion-resistant shoulder straps and the hip belt will make carrying  the backpack much easier and you will be able to walk farther without having to worry about getting tired. Generally, the bag is for men, but some women also take on the challenge of carrying this bag.  The design does resemble an army styled backpack.

Finally, the additional smaller bag is great for hand luggage and keeping your entire collection of valuables close by and it can even be attached to the main bag to make the hiking experience easier and free up both of your hands.


The bag is quite expensive and it does not really work as hand luggage but this can replace your standard traveling suitcase and give you more flexibility for carrying more items on your hiking or exploring expeditions.

The price does discourage many users, nevertheless it should be seen as a worthwhile, lifelong investment that will offer you all-purpose use wherever you go.

Final Thoughts

This Deuter ACT Lite backpack is not only recommended for hikers, but for travelers as well and we believe that it will give you a lot of multipurpose use. The price might be expensive, but bags are something we can never have enough of and if they are high-quality and durable like this one, you get even more value for your hard-earned money.

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