20L/33L- Most Durable Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Review

20L/33L- Most Durable Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Review

The New Outlander Company has gone above and beyond in creating this stylish backpack that is sure to make your traveling experience much better and more efficient. The backpack is quite large and available in multiple sizes but the larger size will be more expensive. The backpacks are great for traveling and they are lightweight to allow you the opportunity of not spending more than needed when it comes to storage at the airport.

If you are looking for multifunctional use, this backpack is sure to do the trick and it will offer you the benefit of knowing that everything is safe as well. We have tested out this bag to confirm the quality and it matches up to everything that has been advertised by its creators.


First of all, we will look at the most important feature that the bag has to offer and that is the storage capabilities. This lightweight bag is more than ample and offers a 33 liter and 20-liter size to choose from so you can work out the best size for you and enjoy its attributes. It is imperative that you decide on the size you need because, as mentioned before, the larger is more expensive so you can save money if the smaller size is adequate.

The bag has been created so you can pack valuable items and you will notice the locking areas in the zippers and also the design. These are perfect for adding your own locks and to know that you have everything protected.

The design also is good for hikers as it is completely waterproof. Even the zippers have been designed to keep the water out and you will notice how the water slides over the bag without entering anywhere to keep everything dry on the inside.

The compact size of the bag is great for storing it in overhead compartments in the train and also the airplane and it can also be fine for packing a few items if you are considering a weekend breakaway. As mentioned, the bag can also be used for hiking and it is extremely durable to ensure that whatever the natural environment throws at it will not harm the bag.  It will also mold to the shape of the items that you put inside.

Furthermore, the strapping has been padded to give you more comfort and the bag has been reinforced in locations that are under constant stress. It is durable in every aspect and it should be one of the most versatile travel backpacks in your journeying arsenal. The interior has also been compartmentalized and this adds more space to allow you to include more items inside the bag.

Finally, you will also receive a staggering lifetime warranty. This shows a lot of confidence from the manufacturer and you can be sure that the backpack will never let you down when it is crunch time.


One of the main pros offered by the bag is the all-purpose use that it offers. It is great for carrying around when on travel also for day to day local trips. The design shape is great for the resistance of pickpockets and when you have added your own strong lock, you will find that it is impossible to get inside the bag without the person carrying it knowing.

We also like the most popular color it comes in but you will be able to choose from multiple colors to find the perfect one that meets your needs and the waterproof feature is also ideal for hiking in the wild outdoors with unexpected weather conditions.

Finally, one of the most impressive pros is the lifetime warranty. This means that if anything ever breaks or if it tears during normal use, you will be covered and the manufacturers promise to send a brand new bag, shipping included.  That is quite rare to see in writing!


The only downside that we could find about this bag is that the back pocket is not protected. The design will allow you to see if anyone is trying to tamper but with new and improved pickpocketing teams and techniques, you might still become an easy mark for them. Therefore, we do not recommend storing your valuable items inside that pocket but rather keep them safe in the main compartment and add a lock.

Final Thoughts

If you need a versatile backpack that will also be fantastic for day to day errands, we highly recommend this backpack. It will also save you a money when traveling and super minimalists will be able to guarantee that they save as much weight as possible.

The backpack is also great for both men and women and it will be great for hiking while on vacation.

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