What Size Travel Backpack Do I Need?

What Size Travel Backpack Do I Need?

This is one of the more common questions we hear and there are no direct answers to this as it will all depend on the traveling experience you are looking for and the reason for purchasing a travel backpack. Larger travel backpacks are more common for people who need a replacement for their luggage suitcase but, if you already have a decent sized travel suitcase, you could opt for a smaller backpack.

If you are traveling abroad, we advise that you look for something lightweight, but still big, this will save you money when checking in your bag at the airport and thus it will be great for carrying around to the hotel. If you manage to find a backpack with an added hip belt, it will be excellent for unpacking your clothing and also for using it to explore the town.

For business use across the country, a smaller backpack will suffice but you will need to look for something with more compartments and the added laptop sleeve. This will keep everything safe, while also ensuring that you are fully organized and ready for taking out anything in an instance.

For day to day use, we recommend something much smaller to help you carry less weight around all day and this could be ideal for substituting your handbag to improve the overall security of the items on the inside of the bag. These backpacks are generally quite cheap and expendable, but you could settle for something more expensive and durable to save you money in the long term.

Why choose a larger backpack?

A larger backpack provides the user with much more storage space and the ability to carry everything in one go.  It is also cheaper to choose a larger travel backpack for international travels and you will be able to bring back much more memorabilia from abroad without having to pay for extra storage space. Taxes will be your only concern.

We recommend these larger backpacks for international travel but hikers can also benefit from using them. If you plan on hiking longer distances, you could stock up on more clothing and food and with the hip belt added to most of the designs, carrying it should not be that tough and laborious.

Are larger backpacks heavier than smaller ones?

Larger backpacks are generally perceived to be heavier but once again this is only a misconception and sometimes the smaller bags are heavier. It will all depend on the material that the bag is made off. Lighter material can be really beneficial for larger bags but it might bring down the durability of the backpack and when you start adding waterproof features, the bag will become heavier.

So in some circumstances, the bigger bag is heavier but you will need to do research on each specific bag to ensure that the quality is high enough, the weight is acceptable and therefore perfect for you to carry it along with you.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have the knowledge to choose the perfect sized bag for your needs. We hope that you do not fall for all of the myths and misconceptions and that you choose the most appropriate size for every occasion.

We would like to encourage you to let us know how you feel about the different sizes and to tell us what you recommend as the perfect backpack size for your travel needs.

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