Travel Backpacks for Men

Travel Backpacks for Men

Ladies get possessive with handbags and so do men with backpacks. Men are pretty obsessive with their tools and gear and backpacks have always been a great way in which they can carry all these essentials. In fact, gents treat a backpack not as an ordinary bag, but as a companion that is always ready for any adventures.

Whether it is for hiking, a swift road trip, trail trek, or for airborne travel, men want a travel backpack with extreme aesthetics, unique design, and useful utilities. Travel bags for men are not difficult to find. In fact, all department stores display them to hook in the men. In this post, we will provide you with tips on buying travel backpacks for men and even talk about the best backpacks you’ll find.

Buying a Travel Backpack?

Let’s be clear on this: we don’t want to waste money. So, when purchasing a backpack, we want to pick only the best. When buying a travel backpack, there are several factors that need to be checked, including comfort, quality, design, and features. Here are some tips:

• Size matters

One of the common mistakes people make is buying a travel backpack and ending up with one that does not hold the gear that it was bought for. Before purchasing a backpack, ask yourself what it is for. Is it for skiing? For simple city walks? Or for trekking? The size of the bag will define the capacity it can carry.

If you want a bag for your flight, then you might prefer bags that can fit the overhead bin. Or if you want a knapsack for your mountaineering, then you might consider having a larger backpack that can accommodate enough things for your 4-day hike.

• Comfortable

Choosing a comfortable backpack is relatively the same as picking a backpack of the right size. Buying a large backpack can stress you if it doesn’t sit right. So, you would want a backpack that won’t hurt your back, neck and shoulders. Not to mention, a bag that will give you a good posture.

So, make sure the backpack you’ll purchase has excellent back support with cushioned padding on the shoulder straps and in the back panel of the bag.

A knapsack with hip support such as a belt is also good as it can buffer the distribution of the weight, though, according to the opinion of many, it can make you look dorky and awkward!

• Versatile

Your backpack should be able to handle different travel plans. Many travel backpacks today have a convertible feature for versatility. Also, you can choose bags with a waterproof feature that is ideal for changing weather conditions.

• Durable

A ripped backpack can ruin your journey. Therefore, buy a bag with top quality materials ¬¬– from straps and stabilizers, to zippers. Most people would say the expensive ones have high-quality materials, but that’s not always true. Some inexpensive backpacks have durable materials as well.

Travel Backpacks for Men

One good thing about travel backpacks can be that the features are pretty similar to the traditional suitcase, the compact structure of a daypack and the practicality of hiking backpacks; travel backpacks have a clam opening comparable to suitcases, the easy to carry and slender design of carry-on bags and the suspension system of a hiking backpack.

Travel backpacks are ideal for business people who are always on the go. Carry-on travel backpacks have individual slots for laptops and other fragile gadgets like professional cameras. The Uoobag KT-01 Slim Backpack is great piece of luggage that is specifically designed to fit in a business laptop.

This bag can also accommodate a bunch of accessories and other basics. It also has a bottle holder on each side. The back panel and the shoulder strap of the bag are cushioned for your comfort. The backpack is sturdy and is very durable.

Travel backpacks are also a must for the explorers among us – individuals who go to different places for pleasure. These type of people would prefer a compact backpack that can fit the overhead cupboard of planes and airlines.

The Osprey Waypoint is the perfect travel backpack that can do the job. It is ideal not only for men but also for the women. It has a strong suspension system, cushioned hip belt, and is a ventilated pack. Plus, it has the right size for the small overhead storage compartments.

Budget Travel Backpacks for Men

Travel backpacks with several capabilities and features are expensive – and that is no surprise. But that should not worry you. There is an array of low-cost travel backpacks for budget shoppers that still brag several unique and useful features. Some are pretty basic but it would be all you need for simple city adventure or for your casual hill climb.

The Meyfancy Crossbody Travel Backpack is a convertible bag that will allow you to turn the backpack into a sling bag and vice versa. It is small and very lightweight with compartments that can fit all your accessories and gadgets.

Low-cost backpacks may lack some features, but they can still do their basic job: take your items with you while you explore the world.


Choosing a backpack is sometimes overwhelming. has useful guides that will help you with your backpack queries. It also promotes top quality travel bags available in the market.

Before purchasing a bag, analyze first what it is for. Is it for heavy duty sports or for a simple business trip? And when you are about to purchase, check the quality, design and the comfort. Is the bag aesthetic? Does it have great padding for back and shoulder support? Are the zippers sturdy and do not easily get jammed? Is the canvas used durable and does it not easily rip?

Additionally, look for the utilities of the bag, the suspension system, and the capacity; does it have enough zips and pockets? Is the distribution of the weight balanced? How much load can it carry? And lastly, is it affordable? If the backpack is expensive, is it cost-efficient, durable, and long lasting? These simple questions will help you pick the right travel backpack.

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