Small Travel Backpack – Is It Big Enough?

Small Travel Backpack – Is It Big Enough?

For the travel enthusiasts, there is nothing more important than bringing a camera and wandering with a travel backpack. Backpacks have always been an essential accessory that carries all the travel necessities and the basics such as clothing, gadgets, and other gears.

Mountaineers use a hiking backpack to carry tents, ropes, and other survival tools. People who travel different cities with a single bag only, known as the Backpackers, use travel backpacks to bring the basic needs.

Others would use a lightweight daypack bags to carry few essentials.

Huge backpacks, of course, are for heavy-duty travelers. For simple travels, a small travel backpack is absolutely convenient as it offers several advantages:

Benefits of Small Travel Backpacks

  • Small travel bags are more compact and are easier to carry, which make them ideal for traveling through an airplane that requires one carry-on baggage.
  • Lightweight and portable. Because it can only fit in few items, the bag is lightweight and not too bulky. It does not consume much space.
  • Small travel backpacks will let you carry only the most essential items. Huge hiking backpacks will tempt you to bring even the less important gears. But with small backpacks, you will be forced to bring only the necessary
  • Small backpacks are more affordable. This is not always true as the price of the bag will depend on the brand, materials used, and the features. But in general, small bags are commonly available at a low price.
  • Small knapsacks are versatile. They can be used for a simple city adventure, mall strolling, or casual hill climb.

Disadvantages of Small Travel Backpacks

Of course, every merit has its own demerits. Small backpacks also have some drawbacks.

  • Because they are small, you can only bring a few items. So, when prepping for a trip, you will have to filter the items you think are the most essential.
  • Small backpacks may not be able to carry your laptop or other bulky gadgets like professional cameras. Smartphones, GPS, and compact devices could be exceptions.
  • They usually lack or sometimes have fewer features compared to basic
  • Small backpacks are not recommendable for mountaineering, hiking, and for trekking.
  • They have fewer pockets and lesser

Small Travel Backpack for the Money

There are many backpacks offered in the marketplace. The prices of small backpacks vary with the brand and model. Some are expensive, but most of them are budget-friendly.

Others believe that affordable ones lack features and are made from cheap quality materials. I would sometimes agree with that. In a nutshell, people are skeptical towards the low-cost items. But that is not always the case as expensive items are sometimes overrated.

There are small travel backpacks with high quality and distinctive features that are being sold at a low price such as the Venture Pal Lightweight Backpack. It is a 20-inch deep (approx. 35 liters) clam-opening backpack made from durable and water resistant material and heavy duty zippers.

It is comfortable to carry; the straps have sponge padding to assist your shoulder. It also has a reliable suspension system; a chest strap and a whistle buckle. This small bag has multiple compartments to keep your items organized.

Small Travel Backpack for Amateur Traveler

Amateur travelers can use a simple and a minimalist bag that can provide enough space for some necessities. The North Face Jester Backpack is a 30L bag with two zippered compartments that will allow you to segregate your items.

The straps and the materials used are durable and sturdy for long-lasting usability. The bag has Flex Vent™ suspension system that reliably supports the shoulder and the back.

It has a pocket for cell phones or for other pocket-sized devices like mp3 players or cameras for quick access. On the sides are easy to access water bottle holders, so you do not have to open your bag when fueling up.

For extra storage, you can use the stretchable bungee on the front of the bag. The price of this bag is quite high compared to other backpacks.

Choosing a Backpack: Big or Small?

Should you buy large, bulky, hiking backpacks? Or should you go for the small, compact, daypack travel bags? It might be a little bit confusing, but it is not as complicated as you think.

First, think what the bag is for. If it is for a 4-day trail trekking or mountain climbing, then you might need a hiking backpack that can carry all your survival gears like a tent, ropes, airbeds, bulky and cumbersome jackets, etc.

Also, hiking backpacks have an advanced suspension system that supports back, neck, shoulder, and hips for better carriage.

Small bags can work perfectly for simple holiday trips, casual city tours, or for your afternoon walk to the hill. You can bring all your necessary items and gadgets in your compact bag.

Small knapsacks are also ideal when traveling airborne; it is easy to store them in the overhead bins. Some backpacks have a convertible feature that allows you to change the knapsack to sling bag, shoulder bag, chest bag, or to a body bag such as the Aidonger Canvas, a convertible bag with some compartments to organize your documents, gadgets, and other valuables.

It is made from canvas material and is available in four different designs to match your style and mood.


If you would like to learn more about travel backpacks tips and guides then have a look around our website. It has several informational posts about travel bags that might help you choose the right one for your needs.

It also fairly promotes bestselling travel bags that boast high-quality materials and distinctive features.

Whatever the size you want for your bag, buy the one that has enough capacity to carry your valuables and can help you maintain a healthy posture by having an excellent suspension system. Additionally, it must have multiple compartments to keep your items neat and organized, useful utilities for your storage, and durable and robust materials for lifelong usability.

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