Choosing a Travel Backpack: Get the Best Fit for Your Needs

Choosing a Travel Backpack: Get the Best Fit for Your Needs

It is not uncommon to hear about people struggling to choose the right backpack and this will all be determined by the purpose that you have for the bag. Most people think they only need a travel backpack but when they arrive at their destination then regret starts setting in and they start to wonder if they should have spent a little extra cash to buy a multifunctional backpack that will be great for hiking as well.

It is not easy to find a perfect backpack when it comes to getting value for the least amount of cash therefore we have selected a few features that we think you need to look for to ensure that you get the most value for your money and that the backpack is perfect for the purposes you are looking to use it for.

This criterion has been well-researched, most people tend to overlook a few of these features and remorse always occurs when you are already miles from home and where it will be too  expensive to buy a new backpack from the local shop at a higher price.  Whoops, there goes the spending money!

So, let’s learn from this and take a look at the best criteria for judging and choosing your next travel backpack:

Buying criteria for travel backpack


First of all, we need to take a good look at the size and the multiple storage pockets that the bag has. The internal space is where you will be keeping most of your items and this needs be thoroughly checked to ensure that you have optimal space and also to allow you to organize your items to allow quick and easy access.


For larger carrying bags, the weight is not all that important but if you plan on exploring and constantly wearing the bag, the weight can make a huge difference and this will also impact the amount of things that you can put inside it.

If the bag is light, you will also have the benefit of saving money when it comes to storage at the airport also the bag will be much easier to fit into the overhead compartments on buses and trains.


When researching, it is imperative to take note of how secure that bag is and if you will be able to add your own locks to the bag. A lot of people fall victim to pickpockets abroad and it can be quite hard to get or claim everything back in a foreign country. This could cost you even more money.

We recommend looking for something with additional locking holes and zippers that will allow you to place your own locks on them and when you are looking for a specific lock, we recommend a TSA-recognized lock. This type has been proven to be the most secure at airports and abroad and you will have peace of mind when traveling.


Another aspect that helps to determine the overall value and suitability of an item is the durability and if you manage to find a bag that is strong and tough you will be able to use it for longer. Its toughness also comes into play when hiking or exploring the town and you can then be confident that, no matter how crammed the bag is, the reinforced stress points will always ensure that nothing rips or tears your bag.

Specialized storage areas:

Many designers have now started to design bags that will benefit remote workers and if you are someone that needs to carry around a computer all day, it will be great to know that your laptop is safe. We recommend looking for bags with additional storage space for laptops which have been padded to help reduce the risk of damage on impact.

Final Thoughts

By using these five features to judge a bag, you will be able to find the best travel bag in no time and at the least cost possible. The cheapest bags are not always the most efficient, but if they match up to these criteria, the bag should be perfect for you and your travel needs.

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