Meyfancy Canvas Travel Backpack Review

Meyfancy Canvas Travel Backpack Review

When important items do not fit in the pocket of your jeans, that is when you need an accessory that can help you carry all the essential loads. Purses are great, but they are too small to accommodate basic travel necessities.

On the other hand, hiking backpacks may just be too overwhelming to carry. And there we have the travel bags, small, light, and compact with enough capacity to bring all your gears and other valuables.

Backpacks are today’s ever-useful accessory. They will help you bring your books, laptop, camera, clothes, cell phones, and other things. Unlike other bags that would pull the weight down on only one side of your body, backpacks distribute the weight evenly to your shoulders, hips, and to your back.

The spongy cushions in the shoulder straps and in the back panel of the bag make it even more comfortable, letting you carry your bag for several hours conveniently.

Talking about bags, the Meyfancy Canvas Travel Backpack is a durable and compact convertible bag made from high-quality materials that comes with an affordable price. This bag has several features that other bags do not have.


  • The Meyfancy Canvas Travel Backpack is available in three beautiful colors: light blue, orange, and dark blue.
  • A convertible backpack that can be turned into a sling bag, crossbody bag, or shoulder bag. To convert, just unzip the strap zipper and adjust the strap according to your preference.
  • Lightweight, this small convertible bag has dimensions 12.6” by 7.09” by 3.35”. It can fit a 7.9” iPad and other documents.
  • It has an anti-theft compartment with two pockets inside and one mesh pocket that can accommodate purse, keys, and other pocket-sized valuables.
  • The front zipper of the bag will secure your small daily
  • The bag is made from a durable and water resistant canvas which is ideal for changing weathers. The back panel of the bag is tailored from breathable mesh to keep your back fresh and chill while carrying the bag.
  • The Meyfancy Canvas Travel Backpack is affordable.


  • The colors of the bag are brilliant and are very adorable. It is a perfect choice for a gift for your loved ones.
  • The bag is convertible; it’s like having four kinds of bags in one. If you don’t feel like lifting it as a backpack, you can easily convert it to a crossbody bag or sling bag.
  • It is very easy to use and adjust. Just unzip the zipper in the strap to convert the bag or adjust the straps using the dog clips.
  • The Meyfancy Canvas Backpack has several pockets to keep your items organized and arranged.
  • The compartment has generous space that can fit in some documents, books, notebook, iPad, etc.
  • This small backpack is perfect for shopping, a walk in the park, for work, and for other everyday short travels.
  • It is made from a durable canvas material that can manage any weather. It is also water resistant, so you do not have to worry about getting your valuables wet even in an intense
  • The shoulder straps provide comfort when carrying the


  • The bag is only available in three limited colors; a few more colors as an option would have been better.
  • The mesh compartment inside the bag quickly sags off.
  • This convertible bag does not have an excellent suspension system which can give you back pain, especially when bag carries too much load.
  • The padding in the strap is way too thick that you can still feel pain when carrying a load for several hours.
  • The bag does not have water bottle holders on the sides.
  • As it can only bring a limited number of things, this bag is not recommended for hiking or mountaineering.


The Meyfancy Canvas Travel Backpack is an adorable must-have convertible bag. It’s cute and compact and not to mention, affordable. The bag is perfect for everyday trips on the bus or train.

It is also ideal for work or just when you need something that can be used for shopping. It can fit a reasonable amount of valuable items.

However, because of the compact size of the bag, it may not be able to fit in business laptops and other space-consuming items. Also, the bag does not have a suspension system, which probably can cause you back pain when carrying the bag for a long time.

Nevertheless, the convertible feature of the bag is pretty fantastic, practical, and useful.


If you are not hooked with the features of the Meyfancy Canvas Travel Backpack, you can opt to Hexin Foldable Backpack. It is made from waterproof and tear resistant Nylon material for long lasting usability.

In addition, the two-way zipper is made from durable abrasion resistant metal. The bag is lightweight (it only weighs 0.46 lbs.) and has an impressive space with several compartment pockets that can accommodate your little things.

The adjustable strap allows you to change the suspension of the bag. The bag has breathable mesh shoulder strap for comfortability. Another remarkable feature of this bag is its compactness. You can fold this backpack into a pocket-sized purse.

Perhaps, the said features made the bag perfect for day-to-day use or occasional travels. Oh, I almost forgot, this foldable backpack is very affordable, so you can purchase it as a gift for your loved ones.


The Meyfancy Canvas is a budget travel backpack that is perfect for on-the-go use. It has a convertible feature and beautiful design. It would be great to have more options for colors – say a classic black.

It lacks some major features, but that should not be a concern since the backpack is designed for daily use and not for mountaineering, trekking or skiing. If you want a bag for your heavy duty sports, then this bag is not for you. Instead, you should buy hiking backpacks that are designed to store your survival gears.

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