Best Backpack for Travel: Make Every Traveling Experience Perfect


It is easy to think that every backpack is the same and that it will offer you the exact same quality but that is not the case and there are a lot of differences between traveling backpacks and standard day-to-day backpacks.

Traveling backpacks might seem more expensive at first but, when you look at the quality of the design and the structure, you will find that these backpacks are better in the long term.

“Seeing the world” is on the list of many of us and we would love to travel to multiple locations as well but there are a few essential travel items that need to be taken care of when deciding to travel and a backpack is one of the most important.

A poorly designed backpack can cause a lot of problems when you are busy traveling and you could very well end up having to buy one abroad at a more expensive price!

We have set out to find the top 5 traveling backpacks that will make your life easier and offer you great value for your money. These backpacks are not necessarily cheap but they are made from high-quality materials and choosing the right one can be seen as a long-term investment in your traveling future. The top backpacks are also stylishly designed and they offer multiple storage compartments to carry along as much as you need.

Before we dive into the top 5 backpacks, we have identified a few characteristics that need to be taken into account when selecting the best travel backpacks. These features can be used for any backpack and once you understand how to look for the best one, it will become much easier and cost efficient to find what will suit you.

It is also worth noting that there are huge differences between the quality of a hiking backpack and a travel backpack.  They both serve different purposes.

Here are the key features that you should take note of when buying a traveling backpack:

Key features to take note of in the best traveling backpacks:

The cost is something that we do not consider as a key feature and therefore we have left it off the list. Buying a quality product will cost more than buying a cheaper backpack, but the one that has been constructed from quality materials will last much longer and also offer you a much more multifunctional use for traveling in different terrains and circumstances.


The weight of the backpack is essential for a few reasons and the most important is the fact that you will be carrying it around the whole day. If the backpack is too heavy, it might be more durable but will also cause fatigue much faster and your traveling experience might not be as fun, in fact it could be a nightmare!

Secondly, it will cost a lot more to take along a heavier backpack when it comes to travel fees.  This will hinder cost-effectiveness but for some this might not be a significant problem.

Storage capacity:

Backpacks need to have at least enough space for storing all your travel essentials. It is wise to look at the storage capacity to weight ratio when purchasing a backpack to ensure that it provides you with value. You can also look at the number of built-in compartments to give you a better idea of the storage space and where exactly your items will fit.

Pickpocket resistant:

While traveling abroad, you will get a lot of criminals that target you as a tourist and they will know that you are carrying valuable items like cameras. It is essential to look for a backpack with perfect closing features and some of them will even provide you the opportunity of adding an additional lock to the pockets or zippers. This will ensure that you never become a victim of pickpocketing.

Water resistant:

Many different countries have varying weather conditions throughout the year and it is impossible to know exactly what the weather will be like when you visit. We recommend looking for waterproof zippers and material to ensure that you are not caught off guard. This will be even more important if you plan on using the backpack for a few hiking routes as well.


No one wants to have an ugly backpack when traveling and especially if you are traveling to the more advanced and first world countries. Having a stylish and well-designed backpack will not only help you to fit in but it will also help resist any abrasions from the straps and make your traveling experience less tiring and more enjoyable.

We consider these to be the most important features when it comes to buying a great quality backpack. These features will provide value for money and if you manage to find a bag with all of these features you can be sure that it will be a long-term investment and you will have the additional benefit of using the bag at home for other trips too.





 Most Durable Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack $ 4.7/5.0
  SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack $$ 4.6/5.0
  Osprey Women’s Aura AG 65 Backpack $$$ 4.8/5.0
 Osprey Farpoint 40 M/L Jasper-Red $$ 4.7/5.0
   Deuter ACT Lite 65+10 Backpack $$$ 4.8/5.0
  Lightweight Backpack, Travel Backpack $ 4.9/5.0
  Cabin Max Metz Backpack Flight Approved Carry on Bag $ 4.2/5.0
  Venture Pal Ultralight Lightweight Backpack $$ 4.5/5.0
  Coreal Large 35L Lightweight Packable Travel Hiking Backpack Lake Blue $ 4.2/5.0
  KAKA Travel Backpack Sports Bag Gym Bag Hiking Bag $ 4.0/5.0

With that said, let’s look at the top 5 traveling backpacks available today:

20L/33L- Most Durable Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Available in two different sizes and a fantastic selection of colors, this backpack is great for traveling and day to day use.  The backpack can be bought in the 33 liter or 20 liter versions and because it is very lightweight, you will be able to make every gram count.

The backpack also features multiple compartments for storing your items and this will be great for taking along as much as possible while still ensuring that you stay within the weight limit that the airport requires.

The metal zipper feature at the back will be great for storing a few bits and pieces that are not valuables as it does not allow you to add a lock and this might be a target for a pickpocket but the top design is great and you will be able to store as much as possible inside and add your very own lock when you are done.

The two spacious side pockets will also be great for storing your water bottle and umbrella and you will notice that the entire design of the bag has been created to make it more water resistant. Water will simply slide down the bag without entering and thus, you will be able to use the bag for hiking adventures as well.

Furthermore, the stress points have been reinforced to ensure that there is more longevity and this has been backed up by the lifelong warranty that you will receive upon purchasing the product. The straps have also been designed with abrasion-resistant pads to make the carrying process much more comfortable.


  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to adjust strapping
  • Very lightweight
  • Multiple storage compartments


  • Pickpockets will have access to the additional back pocket (but nevertheless a useful space for non-valuables)

We highly recommend this bag for super-minimalists that like to make every ounce count when traveling. The bag is great for avoiding additional traveling costs and it will easily fit into most overhead storage compartments when it is fully stuffed.

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900- eBags Exclusive

The SwissGear ScanSmart backpack has been designed to make traveling much easier and also provide you with optimal quality when it comes to exploring and hiking.

The backpack is really comfortable when it comes to the abrasion-resistant straps and that will make your experience more relaxing.  The straps have also been reinforced on all of the stress points to make sure that you have durability and value from the product.

The entire backpack has been designed with security in mind, especially with the additional laptop storage compartment that will allow you to store your device easily and still have quick access.

All of the zipper pockets have been created to allow you to add your own small locks and this will keep any thief away and ensure you that you can keep your travel laptop with you.

The entire bag can easily fold open and it will be great for saving you a few extra bucks when traveling and allow you to keep all your valuables close by. The internal storage has been created carefully to allow you maximum capacity and this is also divided into multiple compartments for easy packing.

Furthermore, the bag is really inexpensive and you should easily be able to afford this for its value-for-money and number of features that it provides.


  • Very lightweight and affordable
  • Specifically designed laptop sleeve for most portable laptops
  • Spacious interior with compartments
  • Great security when you add your own locks


  • Unfortunately, the bag is not waterproof

We highly recommend this bag for business travelers and people that work from any remote area. The bag is affordable and it can even be used for day to day errands while also saving you money at the airport when it comes to storage.

Osprey Women’s Aura 65 AG Backpacks

Perfectly designed and molded to the shape of the average women, this travel bag will be a great addition to your traveling equipment. The bag is extremely spacious and it features multiple pockets that can be used for various purposes and the internal storage area has been compartmentalized to ensure that you have the possibility to carry as much as needed.

An added hip belt will also take much of the strain from your shoulders and you will be able to carry heavier loads inside the bag. The strapping has also been carefully designed to allow it to be abrasion-resistant on your shoulders and therefore you could easily carry the bag for longer distances.

The bag has been constructed in the US from nylon material – this guarantees quality and you will also notice 4 additional loopholes that can be used for carrying extra items.  These loopholes are also used for carrying a portable solar panel when hiking longer distances and you will have the advantage of keeping everything fully charged and operational.  It is worth noting that this panel is purchased as an add-on.

Unfortunately, the bigger size does have a negative impact on its ability to be put in overhead storage compartments and you may need to pay extra if the bag is fully loaded but, overall, the bag has been created for hiking and it even features a waterproof and pickpocket resistant design to allow you to carry the bag in more unsafe area.


  • Extremely large and versatile
  • Great for multifunctional use
  • Added hip belt to make carrying easier
  • Great for adding additional items when hiking
  • Waterproof and pickpocket resistant design


  • Too big for overhead storage compartments

We definitely recommend this bag to women that delight in the outdoors and love to travel. The bag is lightweight and with the additional hip belt, carrying it will be much easier and less tiring if it’s stuffed to the brim.

Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

Next on our list is one of the safer, but also expensive backpacks, the Osprey’s Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack has been created with security and style in mind.

The bag has been designed to create a slimmer profile when traveling and, aside from the ability to add your own locks, the design will also make it very hard for any thief to try and get to your valuable items.

The bag also has a further side handle for carrying it like a briefcase. The reason for this is so that you can grab it off airport baggage carousels and carry quickly with ease – a fantastic advantage for those in a hurry or on business trips.

The shoulder straps have also been reinforced with added pads to allow you to have more comfort when carrying the bag and they also help eliminate sore shoulders.

The added loops and zipper holes will allow you to lock the bag and we recommend a TSA recognized lock for optimum protection. These locks might be a little more expensive but they have been proven to provide the most and best security for traveling with valuables.

On the outside, you will only have one pocket for storing items that you might need quickly but the internal area has been created to allow more available space with its multiple compartments thus making this a great and versatile travel backpack.


  • Lightweight
  • A lot of emphases have been placed on security
  • Abrasion resistant shoulder pads
  • Slimmer design allows for a low profile carrying experience
  • Spacious interior compartments


  • The bag is quite expensive

We definitely recommend this bag for safe travel and a comfortable carrying experience, the bag is durable and will resist any attacks from pickpockets. This can be considered as one of the safest traveling bags on the market.

Deuter ACT Lite 65+10 Backpack

Last but not least, we have the biggest and most spacious bag on the list. The Deuter ACT Lite 65+10 Backpack might not be best money-saver backpack when you get to the airport but it will definitely allow you to take along as much as possible. The internal capacity of the bag is a staggering 65 liters and you will also get a smaller 10-liter handbag for carrying onto the plane.

The bag has been specifically designed for hiking longer distances and you will be able to add a supplementary hydration system to make sure that you are never left dehydrated.

The lack of external pockets are more of a benefit when it comes to keeping pickpockets away and when you look at the style, you will immediately see its suitability for traveling in most countries.

The added hip belt will also take some of the strain off your shoulders and you will be able to carry much heavier loads.  The shoulder straps have also been fitted with additional abrasion-resistant pads to give you more comfort and allow you to hike for longer distances without feeling too tired.


  • Extremely big storage compartments
  • Additional smaller bag for valuables
  • Waterproof design and zipper features
  • Really affordable for the size


  • Not so great for saving money on storage at the airport

We definitely recommend this bag for serious travelers and hikers.  When you buy this backpack, you will never need another bag again.  It will certainly be perfect for carrying most of your gear and this could very well save you a few bucks when flying if you do not need to carry any extra bags.

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and will be delighted if we have helped you understand the value of these bags. We also hope that you know how to find the bag that fits your needs but we highly recommend these bags for traveling. They are versatile, popular and sure to provide you with value.

Are there any other backpacks that you think we might have missed?  We would love to know and please also tell us about your traveling experiences with these bags.